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Moutse Community Radio Station (MCRS) was founded by members of the Rural Women's Movement (RWM), a national organisation in South Africa, which lobbies around issues of concern to rural women. [Continue reading...]

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The ANC’s centre cannot hold without Zuma

02 Apr 2016 06:22 In a united party, when the leader steps down, the deputy steps up to fill his shoes. In a divided ANC though, things are more likely to fall apart. One admission stood out in the ANC’s spin ...

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UNISA Telecentre Training

05 March 2016 UNISA, NCG and BYI provided training on below bulleted items for free. UNISA partnered with Ndlovu Care Group, together they opened UNISA Telecentre which offers all UNISA students free access to the centre to access UNISA student ...

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