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Moutse Community Radio Station (MCRS) was founded by members of the Rural Women's Movement (RWM), a national organisation in South Africa, which lobbies around issues of concern to rural women. [Continue reading...]

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Did you know Caster on Chappies wrappers?

31 August 2016 – 2:07pm JOHANNESBURG – Olympic gold champion Caster Semenya used her Facebook page on Wednesday to share her excitement about appearing inside the wrappers of bubble gum Chappies. “During my childhood I used to read the “Did ...

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Gupta-owned Oakbay avoids JSE suspension

1 September 2016 – 5:45pm JOHANNESBURG – Gupta-owned Oakbay Resources and Energy has managed to avoid suspension from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). The company was on the brink of suspension after battling to find a sponsor. This after KPMG, ...

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