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Business Aims

Moutse Community Radio Station is the most affordable convenient medium for people living in the rural areas. It also plays a big role in the development process of the under privileged. MCRS: Your Friend to rely on was therefore set up to provide a more and interactive accessible medium for the under privileged particularly women in rural and semi-urban communities, to enable them develop and progress along side their counterparts in urban areas.

Overall Objectives

To empower society to appreciate the issues of the least heard women, children, people with disability, the youth among others, through the active use of media for sustainable development.


  • Provide, disseminate and exchange development messages to different target groups for their use, discussion and feedback.
  • Provide a forum for exchange of ideas and a platform for expression to women and others who have been insignificant in the existing media.
  • Put issues of the marginalised people on the national agenda with for positive legislation
  • Promote good governance, democracy, observance of individual human rights and peace.
  • Re-awaken among communities a sense of duty and social responsibility
  • Advocate and lobby for gender balance in communities at different levels of decision making both in government and the private sector.
  • Help communities preserve and live harmoniously with their environment.


MCRS addresses a wide range of issues of critical concern to women, men, youth, children and other marginalised groups in the fields of health, legal, land, economic empowerment, education, human rights, good governance, leadership, religion, agriculture, peace building, environment and politics.


The issues are addressed in Moutse’s local languages such as Sepedi, Isindebele, Zulu, Setswana Xitsonga and English.


The station is run by a qualified, energetic team of producers and presenters headed by a Station Manager. It is assisted by a radio committee comprising board members from coverage areas.


MCRS relates to both local and international organisations. Born out of RWM’s overall vision of seeing a society, accessing and using information for meaningful development, MCRS collaborates with the existing RWM’s projects including women in agriculture project.

MCRS is a member of National Community Radio Forum and AMARC. Community Participation on 96.3 MCRS and through audio streaming on

MCRS was started to accelerate the crusade for community media in Moutse. The station therefore, works with the already established local structure of RWM. They include radio listeners clubs in all 48 villages, of Moutse.

The MCRS will receive recorded programs on the topical issues from listeners clubs for group listening and sharing. The group members will be interviewed on issues of concern for broadcast not only on MCRS but also on communities at large.

MCRS is already working, with community groups including NGOs and schools within the radius of 200 kilometers whose voices and concerns are vigorously sought and broadcast. Besides facebook, twitter, smses, phone-ins, faxes and letter writing, community participation is also encouraged through community involvement in programming and production.

Future Plans

The station intends to boost transmission to cover the whole coverage area. It is hoped that development partners will enable MCRS realise this dream.

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