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Time Slot Program Name Content Presenter’s Name
00H00 – 03H00 Ga go robalwe 00H00 – 03H00 Music and General    Information Terccia Magoro
03H00 – 06H00 Kolobe ya mašalamorago 03H00 – 05H00 Light entertainment05H00 – 05H05 Morning Devotion

05H10 – 06H00 O tsogile nako mang?

06H00 – 09H00 Nginawe 06H00 – 06H30 Light intertainment06H30 – 06H31 News Headlines

07H00 Wedding Music

07H00 – 07H05 News

07H05 – 08H00 PSA’s(Weddings, Anniversaries, Parties, Unveilings ect.)

08H00 – 08H30 Children Program

08H30 – 09H00 Children Dedication

Kgaogelo Mokgabudi
09H00 – 12H00 Hlwaya Tsebe 09H00 – 09H05 News09H05 – 09H30 Local, National and International Music Charts

09H30 – 10H00 Marketing Department

10H30 – 10H31 News Headlines

10H31 – 11H00 Prominent personalities

09H35 – 12H00  Local, National and International Music Charts

Kholofelo Mothwa
12H00 – 15H00 Merithing 12H00 – 12H30 Music and general information12H30 – 12H31 News Headlines

12H31 – 13H00 Local Artist Profiles

13H00 – 13H05 News

13H05 – 14H00 Shout Outs and Music

14H00 – 14H10 Entertainment News

14H10 – 14H30 Music and General information

14H30 – 14H31 News Headlines

14H31 – 15H00 Music and general information

Matilda Mankge/Klaas Ditshego
15H00 – 18H00 Imikhonzo 15H00 – 15H05 News15H15 – 15H20 History Today

15H30 – 16H00 Youth Voice

16H10 – 16H15 Sports Update

16H30 – 16H31 News Headline

16H30 – 17H00 DJ Mix

17H00 – 17H05 News

17H05 – 17H10 Sports Update

17H20 – 17H25 Showbuzz News

17H30 – 18H00 Dedications(Shout Outs)

Allie Masilela
18H00 – 21H00 O be ole kae? 18H00 – 21H00 South African Old School Music coupled with Live Calls. Listeners will be given a chance to express their feelings about the songs and what those songs remind them about Diablos Oupa Nkgudi
21H00 – 00H00 Powerhouse 21H00 – 22H00 House Music and Gig Guide22H00 – 23H00 Featuring Local DJ’s

23H00 – 23H30 Showbuzz News and House Music

23H30 – 00H00 Evening Dedications and House Music

Oupa Mashaba
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